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Dear friends, in today's article I have brought for you 16th December Victory Day Wishes and Status. You know Bengali nation once gained independence by fighting with East Pakistan. Bangladesh became independent in exchange of 30 lakh martyrs. On this 16th December the Bengali nation was victorious and on this day all the people of Bangladesh celebrated Victory Day. Through today's article, you can know more about that great victory day in this new post of Neoteric IT. 

 16 December Victory Day Wishes - Victory Day Banner - Victory Day Drawing - Happy Victory Day - NeotericIT.com

 Thousands of people search on Google for the 16th December Victory Day greetings and Victory Day greetings banners for the preparation of the previous few days. On this day people all over the country celebrate Victory Day. Everyone pays respect to that martyr on this day. With today's beautiful article, you all will find the right information about Victory Day greeting banner design. 

 Happy 16th December Victory Day

Bangladesh won on 16 December 1971, this day is now a public holiday and everyone in the country celebrates this great victory day. More or less everyone gathers together in the meeting and takes various banners and pictures and spreads them on the internet through Facebook and various social media. Likewise, you can spread the wishes of Victory Day to all your friends on the Internet by wishing everyone through the Internet. Through this new article of Neoteric IT, let's see some December 16 Victory Day greetings message status and quotes. 

Today is December 16. Great Victory Day. On this day in 1971, we got our precious motherland, Bangladesh, in exchange for the fresh lives of 3 million martyrs and 9 months of bloody war.

You will suffer more pain and anger when your country is dishonored than when your family is dishonored. Therefore, one should always respect the country and vow to protect the country's honor.

Victory means freedom, the wings of a free bird will fly in the blue sky nako mana,,, Happy Victory Day.

Victory means a map, Victory means a red green flag, Victory means a proud nation, Victory means Bangladesh in existence. Heartfelt greetings to all the artisans who built this proud nation on the 52nd anniversary of victory.

Victory Day You are the pride of Bengalis.... You are the signature of crores of people, victory sign of independent Bengal.

In memory of all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the great victory, Happy Victory Day to all.

Do not open all the windows,,,, I will sing, I will sing the song of victory, they will come quietly, those who gave their lives for the love of Bangladesh,,,, 

You will not find such a country anywhere, the queen of all countries is my native land,,,, we are proud Bangladeshis. Happy Victory Day.

Victory day mind,,,,, excited with happiness! At the birth of an independent country, the mind is restless! Happy 16th December Victory Day to all.

Our country sees us on this day for the sacrifice of many people's lives,,,, Proud congratulations on Victory Day!

Victory Day is the best time to know who we are and how valuable our existence is. Happy Victory Day to all.

Tumar Majai Sopner Suro, Tumar Majai Sesh. Tobu Vhalo Laga Valobasamoy tumi, Amr Bangladesh. bijoy dibosher shuvacha

Today is the time to answer the questionable victory, the taste of life is found in the golden Bengal of lakhs of voices. Happy Victory Day to all.

Let us all pay tribute to those brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for our Bangladesh. Millions of salutations to those who are proud of all countrymen, who have made all nations strong.

Our country got to see this day in return for the sacrifice of lakhs of martyrs. Proud congratulations on Victory Day!

Freedom means,,,,, breaking the chains of subjugation,,,,, freedom means,,, red-green is always a victory song. Wishing everyone a great 16th December Victory Day.

Victory Day greeting banner

Those of you who want to send a happy Victory Day banner on Facebook, you can post some beautiful pictures from this article of ours with the banner and post them on your timeline. Giving you ideas with some pictures so that you can easily design and use the pictures to create new designs and post them on your social media. 16 December Victory Day Wishes - Victory Day Banner - Victory Day Drawing - Happy Victory Day - NeotericIT.com

December 16 Victory Day speech

On the occasion of Great Victory Day on December 16, many people want to give speeches. Many ceremonies and programs are celebrated on this day. Many people want to speak in various events and programs. To make this speech, I appeared for you on December 16 Victory Day in this event. 

December 16 Victory Day speech 1

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,,, 

On the occasion of today's Great Victory Day, I extend my greetings to all the dignitaries present on the occasion, my fellow political workers/classmates and my teachers and my hearty greetings on the Great Victory Day. 

Today 16th December is an unforgettable day for us Bengali nation. 

After 9 months of bloody war, today's history known as Great Victory Day has been achieved at the cost of 30 lakh lives. Today, this victory is the looting of the reserved honor of our mother and sister. We are remembering those enlightened people whose right to live freely has come to light.

Salutations to those who sacrificed their lives for this victory. How many obstacles and how many obstacles to achieve this victory. This ground was hot with thousands of traitors. Those who gave their lives for the sake of the country were the charioteers of victory.

Mother wants land, they want mother's freedom where there will be no illegal control on the way. I have no words to say how much torture has to be endured to ensure this victory. 

What was the reason for such a tragic incident? We Bengalis wanted to keep our mother tongue, we Bengalis wanted to keep our motherland, we Bengali nation just wanted to live freely. It was not a big wish. 

After all, at the sacrifice of many honorable people and the death of the Bengali nation, the shame of my mothers and sisters, we have succeeded in getting this victory today. 

So I salute those martyrs in return for whom we Bengali nation can now live freely in an independent country. 

I will not prolong my words. Let me say only one thing that we can always work selflessly for the motherland and maintain the dignity of lakhs of martyrs. 

With this I conclude my statement. 

December 16 Victory Day speech 2

present Sudhi,

On this great victory day today, we respectfully remember Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of independent Bangladesh, the dreamer of independence, the father of the nation, and remember Bangabandhu's historic March 7 speech at Suhrawardy Udyan.

"This struggle is our liberation struggle,

This struggle is a struggle for freedom.

I am also remembering the freedom fighters who participated in the freedom struggle in the call of Bangabandhu and the leaders of the three million martyrs who gained this freedom in exchange for their lives.

Dear Sudhi,

The best Bengali of a thousand years, and who was imprisoned many times for this freedom and whose tireless work is the result of this victory, his contribution will never be forgotten, the Bengali nation will never forget his contribution. Do not forget this victory.

In 1971, this victory and freedom was gained in exchange of an ocean of blood. A new sun rose in this country under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the best Bengali of thousands of years, the architect of independent Bangladesh.

In that historical speech racecourse field, this time struggle is our freedom struggle this time struggle is freedom struggle,”

This call was a call to fight, thousands of Bengalis responded to this call and 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the brave freedom fighters of the Bengali nation at Suhrawardy Maidan.

The Bengali freedom fighters fought bravely and brought the victory of Bengali. On the day of the great victory, we all the Bengali nation and the Bengalis of the whole world pay our respects. .

Today, on this Victory Day, I am again saying that this liberation war will be more useful on the day that the present young generation will enliven the spirit of this liberation war. There will be no corruption, no unrest, no ignorance, no hunger in this Bengal, there will be only peace, happiness and prosperity.

Red green Bangladesh on the map of the world will be the vibrant Bangladesh of renaissance. We have to be more active to advance this independent Bangladesh.

It is the wish of our Bengalis that this independent Bangladesh of 56 thousand square miles is transformed into an ideal country by working hard to advance this technology-dependent Bangladesh.

thank you

Victory Day painting

Many people are searching on Google for drawing pictures of Victory Day to see new pictures, through today's article I have appeared from Neoteric IT about drawing pictures of Victory Day. On this day, children call the school principal to bring their pictures to submit to school. Many people want to see the children's pictures for the 16th December victory day. For them, I have appeared in this post with many Victory Day pictures. 16 December Victory Day Wishes - Victory Day Banner - Victory Day Drawing - Happy Victory Day - NeotericIT.com

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