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Dear friends, in this episode, you will all find the girl Patano Facebook status etc. on this page of Neoteric IT. If you want to attract girls through SMS or Facebook status then this episode is for you. In this episode we will share some of the best ways and some statuses through which you can impress girls. Also, we have already  published an article on how to impress loved ones on this website. In this episode we will know about status and posts. 

Thousands of people chat every month with girly Facebook status, SMS and pictures. So welcome to this beautifully arranged and organized episode for them. Let's see the quotes and pictures to impress girls one by one. 

Girl Patano Facebook Status

Let's start with Neoteric IT's way to impress girls with Facebook status . In this episode, you will find some of the most beautiful and best girl statuses through which thousands of boys can impress girls. Let's start the main part. 

  • ❣Shunya was the cold black water of Shital Dighi.
  • ❣K Go Tumi of Karachi, I of India, Double S of Sweden, I want to give you. 
  • ❣If tears come to the eyes, wipe them with rumli,, pour the blood of the chest, love me. 
  • ❣Chadan beautiful flower beautiful more beautiful you are two lives in the world you and me.
  • ❣That's why I didn't pour water on the Tulsi tree, the hope of my heart rotted, I didn't get the fruit. 
  • ❣Akash Vara Laksh they laugh softly,, I see you beside me in my dream in my sleep.
  • ❣If you remember my name by rolling on the empty door, give me the price of writing it for a while. 
  • ❣ In the morning of life, I used to get all the flowers in my mind,, today I see that it is not a flower, it is all a mistake of life. 
  • ❣ With the flower I will make a garland,, I had hope in my mind, I lost that flower,, wandered in the forest.
  • ❣If I leave the life, leave the memory in your heart. 
  • I don't want a thousand stars, I want a moon, I don't want a thousand flowers, I want a rose. I don't want a thousand people, I want one person, in that person I only get you 
  • ❣You are my colorful dream, the artist's color picture, you are my moonlight, the morning sun, you are the only flower in my river, you are the flower of my love. 
  • ❣Days go by, floated by the flow of time, some cry and some laugh, it doesn't matter, find and see next to you, someone loves you more than his life. 
  • ❣There is pain in my heart, I will tell you who I am, there is no one to listen to, so I suffer myself, the day I meet him, I will say everything in my heart. 
  • ❣ I am the sky, pain is my cloud, passion is my passion, rain is my cry, sunshine is my smile, what will you do to understand - how much I love you friend! 
  • ❣When you come forward with wet feet, it seems like water paints a picture on the chest of the sky. When you smile, it feels like a bird spreads its wings in the sky. 
  • I will give you spring flowers, I will give you the song of the cuckoo, I will give you the heat of summer, I will give you the scent of fruits. Take the monsoon rain, take the taste of fish, the white sky of autumn will be yours, you will get the rice of Hemant paddy. I will give you a blanket of fog in winter, you will get a new dawn in the sweet sun. 
  • ❣Cows are bullied, goats are spoiled, goats do bad things, they suffer. The face of the goat does not obey any restrictions, the next damage it will do is its conscience. 
  • ❣You are the star of my night - the smile of the crooked moon, you are the songbird of my dream-broken dawn. You are my golden sun, the light of the morning sky, why do you like it so much? You are the sweaty fire of the sunny sun, you are my cloudy sky - the smell of love. If you are the green-cool shade of the trees, what kind of illusion comes to you? You are the song that forgets the mind of the afternoon, the soul of love is decorated with the touch of your song. If you are the poem of the end of the evening, I have painted the picture in your heart.
  • ❣Dake bird-blooming flowers, one spring or wrong. Seedlings in new leaves, young vines in young leaves. The sky is covered with dark blue, this wind is smeared with dust, my mind is flying, the voice is in the boring tune of spring. 

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You may be far from my mind, but you are still in my eyes, maybe you are not in this heart, yet you are in the next world, because I love only you. ,,!!!

❣Love is as true as the dreamy sky,,,,, as pure as a dew-wet flower,,,,, but defeated by time,,,,, neglected by reality,,,,!!!

❣No great gift can be found in any store,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it is not found under any tree,,,,, it can be found,,,,, it can only be found,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it can be found,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it can only be found,,,,,,,,,, in the heart of a true lover,,,,,!!!!

❣I got everything in this life,,,,,,, 

I didn't get anyone's mind,,,, 

Don't know that in this life,,,,, 

Who will be according to your heart's desire,,,,, 

I want him to be like you,,,,, 

Someone close to me,,,,!!!

❣ In my mind, you are like the sky, I don't know where to hide you. ,,,!!!

❣You are not the moon but the light of the moon,,,, you are not the flower but the fragrance of the flower,,,, you are not the river but the waves of the river,,,, you are not a stranger you are someone I know,,,,!!!

❣My dead body is still lying next to your rejection,,,,,I burn him every day and leave one more of my cloudy sky on his chest,,,,,,,!!!!
❣The best democracy in the world for a stupid lover is the lover's lips,,,,,!!! 

❣I know you are poisonous,,,, but I am addicted to your addiction,,,,,!!! 

❣Standing city, sleeping around,,,,, I whisper in the ear as the wind if I love you so much! Will you wake up? Or will you embrace the obsession while sleeping?!!! 

❣You are the happiness bird of my life, you wake up the morning by pulling your cheeks, my thighs, thighs, lonely mind. 

Girl patano sms

Dear friends, if you have been searching on Google to collect new sms from girls, then this episode is for you. 

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★★Love by mind, not by wealth

Love by value, not by appearance

Dream at night, not during the day

Love one, not ten

★★Falling flowers of love garden

I love the Meghla river, I love it

A flock of flying birds. and love

Those eyes of yours.★★

Little by little you awaken love in this heart

So I love like crazy

I want to live with you for the rest of my life

★★Day by day comes, drifting in the stream of time,

It doesn't matter if someone laughs at someone.

Look around, someone is yours

Loves more than life.★★

★★You are my colorful dream, artist's color picture,

You are my moonlight, morning sun,

You are only one clan in my river,

You are my love Shiuli Bakul.★★

Romantic new bangla sms girls Patano
!!!I am the sky, pain is my cloud,

Rain is my passion, rain is my cry,

Sunshine is my smile, you will understand what you do - friend

How much I love you!!!

Kajal in the eyes, earrings in the ears,

Lips are like blood-stained flowers

Small eyes and a sweet smile on the face

I really love such a girl!!!!!

!!!!Smiles and talks sweetly, 

 I will disappear with you in the blue of the sky.

 I have endless hopes for you,

 I want to get your love for the rest of my life.!!!!!


!!!!!!! Look in the heart.,.,.,.,., I am in the evening of dreams. 

 In those eyes of yours,...,.,.,..,., a thousand dreams come.

 You will always find me in that dream of happiness.!!!!!!!!

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Love does not mean expecting anything from him

Rather, love means giving everything to him at any cost. 

Love means attraction to one another

Whom he wants to keep by his side in happiness and sorrow. 

I tell you quietly, don't leave me and go away. 

You are in the bottomless forest of my heart,

I can't survive in this world without you.

Look in the heart, I am in the dream. 

 In those eyes of yours, a thousand dreams come.

 You will always find me in those dreams of happiness.

Love means knowing one's faults 

Love him more for them.

**I love you**

Love is as true as tea

As pure as a dew-wet flower.

But, defeated by time

Oblivious to reality.

She is beautiful, Sopno does not want to be dirty.

 If you don't write a story, life will be wasted.

 It is a sin to break the temple of the mind.

 Valobasa he will be lost if he does not misunderstand the truth.

True Valobasa happens once in a lifetime.

At what time…,,,, at what place, with whom

No one can ever say how.

Maybe,,, I fell in love with you too.

Romantic Pics and Pictures of Girl Patano

Dear friends, let's see some romantic pics and pictures of Patano girls. Keeping the girls in mind, the statuses are given on Facebook to make the girls weak towards themselves, they are mainly considered as romantic pics and pictures of flirting with girls. Also there are some best statuses that make girls weak. But let us help you with some important information in this regard. All girls are not the same in this case you need to know about the girls mind and mentality if you have a right idea about the girl's mind you will never be able to seduce the girl. So in this case you need to collect the right information about the girl. Meye Potanor Romantic Pics & Pictures - Meye Potanor Romantic Facebook Status, Quotes, SMS, Caption Pics & Pictures - meye potanor sms -

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