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KTM, a motorcycle company founded in Austria in 1934, has been at the forefront of the motorcycle sports industry for decades. Their commitment to using cutting-edge engineering and technology has earned them global acclaim and created employment opportunities for over 3000 individuals worldwide. KTM boasts several global divisions across various regions, including KTM USA, KTM UK, KTM India, KTM Russia, KTM Africa and KTM Asia. Currently, the main shareholders of the company are Pierer Mobility AG and Bajaj Auto. Dear friends, for those of you who  have come to our website by typing  KTM bike picture on Google, this article of Neoteric IT has been prepared for you.

বাংলাদেশে, মোটরসাইকেল শিল্প এখন পর্যন্ত স্থানীয় বাজারের চাহিদা মেটাতে কমিউটার সেগমেন্ট মডেল তৈরির দিকে মনোনিবেশ করেছে। যাইহোক, সময়ের সাথে সাথে, বাজারে একটি রূপান্তর ঘটেছে, ক্রমবর্ধমান মোটরসাইকেলের চাহিদা যা সাপ্তাহিক ছুটির দিনে পরিবহন এবং দুঃসাহসিক কাজের মাধ্যম হিসাবে কাজ করে। আজ, বাইকাররা তাদের টু-হুইলারের প্রযুক্তিগত বৈশিষ্ট্য এবং দিকগুলির বিষয়ে আগ্রহী, এবং KTM এই পরিবর্তনের বিষয়টি নোট করেছে। কোম্পানিটি শীর্ষ-শ্রেণীর প্রকৌশল এবং একটি বাজার-সংযুক্ত দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি প্রদান করতে প্রস্তুত যা সমস্ত বিভাগ থেকে গ্রাহকদের নিখুঁতভাবে পূরণ করতে পারে।

Recognized as the world's number one premium motorcycle brand, KTM has partnered with Runner Automobiles Limited, the country's leading manufacturer, to launch their first two motorcycle models in the Bangladeshi market. KTM launched the KTM 125 Duke and KTM RC 125 models on January 25, 2021 at a grand launch event held at the Runner Automobile Factory in Bhaluka, Mymensingh. This partnership between KTM and Runner Automobiles Limited is set to revolutionize the motorcycle industry in Bangladesh. , offers innovative and exciting options for adventure-seeking riders.

KTM bike picture

When it comes to buying a new motorbike, one of the first things people tend to do is browse online for pictures to get an idea of ​​what they want. KTM bikes are no exception to this rule, their attractive designs and powerful engines attract many admirers

KTM manufactures a wide range of models from sportbikes to adventure bikes and each has its own design language that appeals to different types of riders. For example, the KTM Duke series features aggressive street fighter-style features, while the KTM Adventure line offers an off-road, adventure-oriented aesthetic.

Browsing images of KTM bikes online can give you a good idea of ​​the features and styles of different models, helping you decide which one might be right for you. These images can inspire you with ideas for customizing your own motorcycle, and help other owners identify any aftermarket modifications or upgrades to their bikes.

Moreover, websites like neotericit.com offer high-quality images of KTM bikes that showcase the brand's engineering prowess and attention to detail. You can explore both the technical features and aesthetic beauty of these bikes through images that capture their essence.

What is the price of KTM bike?

Dear friends,  today's episode is for those of you who are searching on Google by typing the price of KTM bike . KTM is a well-known brand in the motorcycle world, offering a range of high-performance bikes that cater to different riding styles. Whether you are a casual rider or a professional racer, KTM has a bike for you. If you want to buy a KTM bike in Bangladesh, it is important to know the latest models available and their respective prices

You can easily know all KTM Bike Prices 2023 ( KTM Motorcycle Prices 2023 ) according to the current price list. If you want to know the price of ktm scooty or bike in Bangladesh and want to buy the right bike then without wasting time visit now and know your favorite ktm bike price and ktm bike pictures with detailed information.

The table below provides an overview of the latest KTM bikes available in Bangladesh, along with their engine displacement and price in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). From entry-level bikes like the Duke 125 and RC 125 to high-end adventure bikes like the 1290 Super Adventure S and R, this table includes all the latest KTM models available in Bangladesh.

By referring to this table, riders can easily compare different KTM models and their respective prices, helping them make an informed decision before buying a bike. So without further ado, let's check out the latest KTM bike prices in Bangladesh. Here is a list of some prices. 

Bike Name CC Bangladesh Price
KTM Duke 125 124.7 BDT 474,900
KTM RC 125 124.7 BDT 539,000
KTM Duke 200 199.5 BDT 479,900
KTM RC 200 199.5 BDT 529,000
KTM Duke 250 248.8 BDT 559,900
KTM Adventure 390 373.2 BDT 1,249,000
KTM RC 390 373.2 BDT 799,000
KTM Duke 390 373.3 BDT 699,000
KTM 690 Enduro R 690 BDT 2,049,000
KTM 250 Adventure 248.8 BDT 719,900
KTM 390 Adventure 373.2 BDT 1,099,000
KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 1301 BDT 3,499,000
KTM 1290 Super Duke R 1301 BDT 3,399,000
KTM 890 Duke R 889 BDT 1,999,000
KTM 790 Duke 799 BDT 1,899,000
KTM 390 Duke 373.3 BDT 489,000
KTM 200 Duke 199.5 BDT 399,000
KTM RC 390 R 373.2 BDT 899,000
KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 1301 BDT 3,799,000
KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 1301 BDT 3,799,000

KTM bike pics and pictures 

Dear friends, this episode is for those of you who like to check online and see some beautiful pictures before buying a bike. Taking ideas from online will give you some experience in buying a good bike. So I have prepared this informative article for you. Many brothers search on Google and various search engines to see pictures and pictures of KTM bikes. KTM is a well-known and popular motorcycle brand in the world. It is very popular worldwide for off-road and sports bikes. This brand has created a huge marketplace with its awesome motorcycles. KTM is one of the leading manufacturers of modern sports bikes or motorcycles worldwide. It is an Austrian motorcycle company and the second largest sports motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The company makes excellent dirt and off-road bikes,

KTM motorcycles are selling in Bangladesh since 2017. Although KTM bikes have a large market share almost all over the world, only a few models of KTM are available in the Bangladeshi market due to engine cc limits. The price of this bike is high in Bangladesh market. Hence, few people can afford to buy a KTM bike. KTM bike prices are also briefly discussed here. Friends, let's see some more beautiful bike pictures. 

KTM Bike Bangladesh Price

KTM is a popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, known for high-performance bikes and stylish designs. KTM bike price in Bangladesh depends on the model and year of manufacture.

As of the 2021 cut-off date, a new KTM Duke 125 in Bangladesh was priced around 500,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT), while the KTM Duke 200 was priced around 450,000 BDT. The KTM RC 390, which is considered one of the most powerful bikes in the KTM lineup, was priced around BDT 900,000.

However, it is important to note that this information may change since then due to various factors such as inflation, changes in import taxes and duties, and other economic factors.

If you are interested in buying a KTM bike in Bangladesh, I would suggest browsing local dealerships or online marketplaces to get an idea of ​​current prices and availability. It's always a good idea to do your research and compare prices from different sellers before making a purchase.

KTM Bike Photo

Dear friends, for those of you who have come to our website by typing and searching for KTM bike photos, above 100 photos have been discussed and 20 bikes with prices have been arranged in table form. You can come and see if you want. Scroll up and you will find our Neoteric IT page. 

KTM bike game

KTM Bike Games is a popular genre of video games that allows players to ride and race KTM motorcycles in a virtual environment. These games are available on various platforms including PC, console and mobile devices.

A popular KTM bike game is MotoGP, which features KTM bikes alongside other famous motorcycle brands. The game allows players to race against each other or the computer on various tracks and modes such as time trial, career mode and championship mode.

Another popular KTM bike game is MX vs ATV: All Out, which features both off-road KTM bikes and ATVs. The game offers a variety of racing events, such as motocross, supercross and freestyle events, and features advanced physics and graphics for a realistic riding experience.

There are many more KTM bike games available for gamers to enjoy. From simulation-style games to arcade-style racing games, there's something for every type of player. So whether you are a KTM fan or just love motorcycle games in general, there is sure to be a KTM bike game that will satisfy your need for speed. 

KTM Bike 125 cc

" KTM Bike 125 CC " is a small CC bike from KTM company. This bike is known for both high performance and stylish design. It is easily available in Bangladesh and is very popular among school and college students.

The KTM Bike 125cc is a sports bike that combines dynamic styling, a powerful engine, and stable ride. The engine of this bike is 125 cc and its performance is seen to be very good.

Since it is a sports bike, the brake system is very important in the bike to maintain a high speed and stability. Also, this bike is given simple design and sporty stance for those who want to buy a new sports bike.

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